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The Huggard Consulting Group
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About Us

The Huggard Consulting Group S.A.R.L. has a team of experts and specialists who have worked strategically in generating beneficial outcomes for with the largest companies and the societies they serve. We have managed complex scientific projects, we have engaged with key regulators, policy-makers and politicians and with the most influential NGOs worldwide. We have carried out business impact assessments that have underwritten billion Euro investments and assisted industries calculate and communicate their value to the European and global economies. The Huggard Consulting Group has the fundamental understanding of the science, the business, the regulation and the stakeholder and media processes necessary to support your products, service or activities.

The Huggard Consulting Group is invested in science and data. All strategies, options, recommendations and plans that we present are data driven. Our clients trust us because we rely on data. We have built this trust by owning our clients problems. We work to transfer our experience and insights into their organisations so that they continue to benefit from our knowledge and skills. Our expertise and experience includes:

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